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With a practical and innovative approach to marquee manufacture we are often asked to design bespoke marquees, temporary structures and to carry out unusual projects that require a more technical approach

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Why steel structure is the BEST choice.


Relaible solutions for Durabilty 

Control & Management

Managerial Control Checks 


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    All of our work is done by trained team of experienced operators. We have a practical and innovative approach to solving technical problems and the team continue to expand and develop our product range and capabilities.


    We are committed to developing strong relationships with our customers providing affordable solutions with quality and craftsmanship. Whatever you needs are do pick up the phone and call us.


    With a core focus on quality workmanship while using the highest performance materials available, The Royal Marquee continues to design and manufacture marquees, glamping & safari tents and bespoke temporary and parmanent structures for a wide range of clients and markets.

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Are PEB system suitable for all kinds of weather conditions?

Yes, The Royal Marquee has supplid buildings for a range of weather conditions including snow conditions, high desert temperatures, high humidity, proximity to sea, heavy rainfall, cyclone wind speeds, seismic loads, etc, Based on ambient conditions at the site and building usage, we design and manufacture the building to the specified requirements.

Do you provide a complete building package? What about flooring?

We can supply the complete steel building includidng standard accessories. Accessories that are not manufactured by us can be supplied as by outs (Rolled-up doors, cranes, etc.) and can be included in our scope of supply. For mezzanine floors we will provide the steel framing and steel deck. If the flooring is of pre-cast concrete panels, we will provide the floor supports beams.

Is there any limitation on the minimum size of building?

No, we can provide anything from a small car park shed to massive industrial complexes over thousands of square meters.

How much is the saving in foundations?

The saving would be basically due to less number of column foundations due to large spans and bay spacing plus reduction in column rections due to less dead load of steel . It is not possible to accurately quantify the cost saving as it would vary by type of project. Pre-engineered buildings utilize pierced (column) beam as a general rule, which results in lighte foundations.

How do Pakistan (IS) codes compare with American codes?

IS codes are of an old vintage . Design and serviceablility criteria are based on older materials and do not take into account cost saving with finding high strength materials. We recommend accepting latest International design codes as these have been used literally in millions of buildings in North America and other parts of the world and have a proven record of safety. Each year in the US alone, about 2 Million tons of PEBs are sold based on Interantional codes. Also , American codes are continually updated based on the latest research findings. Hence these codes result in a safer and more economical building. IS codes are more conservative and increase weight and cost without adding value. Howver, if a client insists on IS codes we will design and supply in accordance with these or any other codes.

How do I obtain a quotation?

The inquiry could be sent to our sales office in your region or at We will esign and price each project based on the specificaitons provided. We will then submit a proposal offer with detailed scope of supply, price delivery and payment terms. Proposal drawings with column reactions are provided on request.

Alternatively You can reach us at +92-321 9099 903 

Do you also design the foundation?

Yes, we will provide column reactions and base plate details on an Anchor Bolt plan drawing. It is our responsibility to design the foundations to support the column reactions based on local conditions.

Client Testimonials

“Throughout the whole project, The Royal Marquee provided a professional and reliable service every step of the way. The team delivered the project end-to-end, demonstrating a determination to deliver our new warehouse and office space to the highest standard. The finished product speaks for itself and we would not hesitate to recommend them.”


The Royal Marquee continues to act as our building contractor of choice. We had a desperate need for additional storage as part of our ongoing expansion and investment programme, and Sutcliffe pulled out all the stops to complete our new 12,000 sq ft three-bay Marquee as soon as possible, actually finishing the work eight weeks ahead of schedule. We are delighted to recommend them and will not hesitate to use them again in the future.


“Throughout the build process The Royal Marquee was efficient, approachable, flexible and we felt that we were getting both good value and tremendous support. They offered continuity of on-site personnel and management with Khawaja Sb keeping watch over the entire project. The Royal Marquee is a first-class outfit to deal with and we would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending the company.”


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